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Saturn stool with adjustable armrest

Vary your posture during the day with this ergonomic stool. Saturn has a unique design that makes it optimal for you who wants to sit more actively while at the same time relieving your body and making it easy to find a comfortable and ergonomic posture.

The stool is equipped with a 360 ° rotating support that can be used as a backrest or armrest depending on how you choose to sit on the chair. This support can also be adjusted in height between seat and support.

This stool is upholstered with 45 mm. cold foam, has a 610 mm. alu base and 50 mm. easy rolling castors.

Saturn has ring release for adjusting the seat height.

Seat diameter: 370 mm.

Seat height medium gas spring: 47-66 cm.


3D model and Mixed reality

With this QR code you get the opportunity to visualize your chair in your own environment. Scan it with your mobile phone or tablet and let the model be placed in the real world.

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