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Office chairs

The series includes both traditional office chairs, saddle chairs and stools

The variable seat height makes it easy for you to change your sitting position and use your stool or saddle chair for multiple functions.

Our chairs and stools are available in many variants, and in the Build Your Own Chair module you can choose the seat height, color and much more to make your chair exactly as you want it.

For office use, we recommend the fabrics CURA, 3D Runner or Advantage wool fabric when choosing chairs for the stylish, cozy and sustainable office environment.

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With CURA's warm, relaxed aesthetics and vibrant melange effect, the fabric is beautiful and useful in the office.
The fabric is soft with a bulky structure and high stretchability. CURA is a multifunctional, two-tone padded fabric made from 98% recycled polyester by consumer. Perfect for office furniture or lounge seats - to transform workplaces into homely interiors.

With its semi-transparent quality and soft 3D appearance, Runner is a very visual and eye-catching fabric. It has a sporty look and is 100% recyclable polyester. Perfect for the modern office environment.