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Global Stole A/S

Since its founding in 1973, Global Stole has focused on quality, ergonomics, flexibility and, not least, fast delivery.

In the beginning, the business was run from a small farm called Sdr. Vinge Wrought Iron. The foundation of this business was wrought-iron stairs and other special duties.
At one point, a collaboration was started with a company in Sweden where Ingemar Olsson worked, after which a definite production of the well known roller stool started. This particular model has been further developed over the years and is today one of the most popular products.

In 1986, Global Stole needed more room and the company were moved to its current address. In 2007, Global Stole was sold to Peter Voigt Bertelsen, Jan Ahm Heiss, Ingemar Olsson from Global Forsaljning and Paul Haglund from Konga Mekaniska Verkstad. Today the company is owned by Peter Voigt Bertelsen.

The factory has been expanded by several rounds, so today it consists of approx. 3300 m² production and warehouse.

Through the years, the company has grown and become an internationally operating business, developing and manufacturing chairs and stools for mainly the professional user. We have customers i many different lines of business and industries all over Europa, the United States and in other parts of the world.

With dedicated staff, our chairs and stools are still produced at our own factory in Hvorslev, Central Jutland. This means that we can fulfill special customer requirements, e.g. wheel types, seat heights, fabric types and colors.

The range has been continuously developed and expanded, so today Global Stole can supply almost everything within "seating" for industry, auto industry, office, clinics, institutions and more.