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Active seating

Prevents the risk of sitting static and supports the dynamic sitting position

Why Active Seating?

In today's fast-paced work environment, comfort and functionality are key to staying productive and healthy. Active Seating is not just about sitting; it's about enhancing movement and flexibility even during those long hours at your desk. These innovative stools and chairs are designed to promote subtle, continuous movements, helping you to maintain an optimal posture and reduce the physical strains associated with static sitting.

Health and Posture Benefits

Active Seating prevents the risk of sitting static and supports the dynamic sitting position that ensures solid contact with the ground and promotes sitting with an open hip angle. This upright position activates your core and facilitates easier breathing by preventing slouching, which in turn helps to avoid neck issues. Additionally, the mobility offered by these chairs enhances blood circulation throughout the body. Active Seating encourages micro movements while you sit and thereby support your body’s natural desire to move. This can lead to improved spine alignment, enhanced engagement of core muscles, and ultimately, a healthier back and stronger body.

Boost to Productivity and Wellbeing

The correlation between physical activity and mental sharpness is well-documented. Active Seating helps keep your body engaged and your mind alert, fostering both creativity and concentration. It’s not just about physical health; the dynamic sitting experience can also reduce stress levels and boost overall wellbeing, making your workday both more enjoyable and effective.

Ready to Make a Change?

Consider incorporating Active Seating solutions into your workspace to experience the benefits firsthand. Whether you're working from home or in a corporate office, these chairs can be a game-changer for your health and productivity. Let's make sitting active and see the difference in our work life!

PIVO - designed to allow you to sit on it while keeping your body active. The base of the chair is flexible, which means that micro-movements strengthen your body and keep it moving. Movement of the pelvis gives you a more appropriate sitting position and prevents the risk of sitting static.

Pilates - provides a healthy and strong back because it trains the back muscles. Pilates requires the body to "concentrate on sitting", thereby actively strengthening and maintaining the abdominal and back muscle groups while sitting. The Pilates seat relieves distress in the body.

Sway - the base is flexible and allows for constant movement while sitting. Use Sway as a stand support and achieve a better weight transfer on your feet and legs, relieving the rest of the body.

Dalton flex - gives free hands while the thighs control the chair movement. At the same time, the saddle gives a relaxed posture and straight back, so you can sit for a long time. The saddle's FLEXMATIC mechanism automatically adjusts to the optimal ergonomic sitting position. You achieve a dynamic sitting position with the possibility of open joints and movement in both hip, lower back and pelvis.