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Global mini work table

The Global Mini work table can be used for a number of purposes, such as packaging, mounting and sorting. The workbench is stable and has 5 swivel 75 mm. castors, 2 with brake. The tabletop is a powder coated sheet metal with an edge.

A very flexible work table, easily moved around and quickly adjusted, both in terms of angle and height of the table top.

Table top: 500 x 350 mm.
Frame: Ø560 mm.
Height adjustment range: 680-940 mm.

Other info:
Table top tilting: 0-40°
Maximum load capacity: 100 kg.
Lifting capacity of the gas spring is 25 kg.
5 pcs. 75 mm. castors, 2 with brake.


3D model and Mixed reality

With this QR code you get the opportunity to visualize your work table in your own environment. Scan it with your mobile phone or tablet and let the model be placed in the real world.

Does not work optimally in Microsoft Internet Explorer. We recommend that you use a different browser. For example Chrome or Firefox.

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